to the mockers of God in the world

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To all (soon to be) left behind:
Christians of Name
Bible twisters.
To all those who ignore or despise God’s word
in its WHOLE fullness,
who spurn his revelations
and do not believe his word.

! You will not be raptured !

And even if you say:
„Lord, Lord“

The Lord will say:
„I do not know you.“

Think about it again

+ when in late summer 2023 the
Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on the
Temple Mount will destroyed

+ when 10 days later:
– the Rapture will be,
– Miami will be atomically destroyed,
– Puerto Rico is hit by a comet

+ when they present „extraterrestrials“ as
„savior“ of mankind

+ when the homosexual Barack Obama,
the AntiChrist, becomes the world dictator
(his „wife“ has the name Michael)

+ when a new One-World-Religion is proclaimed,
a kind of Christian Islam,
which loves homosexuality
(You shall love the sinner
but hate the sin)

+ when everywhere in the world the
Sharia is introduced

+ when cash is abolished and
everyone should wear a RFID chip on the right
hand or the forehead

+ when the biggest persecution of all times begins

Remember this

+ when the moon will give only a
a faint red glow

+ when the sun will darken

As for the sun and the moon:
This happens because the magnetic field
of Earth will be weakened.
(by the particle accelerator
in CERN,
the biggest machine ever built)

If people do not understand all this, then remember:

The Earth is flat
and sun, moon and stars
are driven by the magnetic field
of Earth.

Until then you can believe that
Nikola Tesla was a crank.

And remember that:

Jesus Christ
will come again
Great Power

to the mockers of God

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